The meaning of the word Rei-ki can be translated as 'universal-energy'. This energy surrounds us at all times and can be made accessible by the Reiki practitioner, as he/she serves as a channel. Be it for physical, mental or emotional problems, Reiki activates and enhances the self-healing powers within the individual.

It is a very soft and gentle way of either deeply relaxing or energizing you, depending on the indicated need. It is also ideal for postoperative healing-enhancement, as it leads energy into the most demanding areas. Patients with longtime inveterate pains can experience relief and a gradual subsidence of their ailment. Though it is a subtle and tender method, the possible impact can be very strong. Again, this depends on the recipients readiness and willingness to heal. Sometimes, in several sessions, the outer layers of the pain will be dealt with first and then the healing works itself into deeper causes. At other times, there can be an instant relief of a pain, because the recipient is no longer in need of the symptom and takes in enough energy to release it. Reiki can only be given to a willing acceptor, so it can not do 'too much good' or manipulate someone into a certain state.

Often, emotional and/or mental reactions can be observed, be it that the treated person gains more and deeper access to his/her feelings, dreams more vividly or is simply more outspoken about certain issues that need clearing. This is all part of the Reiki process of self-healing, as problems often occur in different layers and Reiki can percolate through all of them, at the pace and to the degree that the recipient allows.

Please note that a Reiki treatment is not a substitute for examination, diagnosis, and medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional of either allopathic or naturopathic denomination.

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